Rockmbaby® Israel

Nanny & Babysitting Agency


Rockmybaby® Group is one of the Largest Nanny & Babysitting Agencies and Leading Childcare Recruitment Experts within Australasia and Switzerland.

Rockmybaby® is truly global! February 2013 we launched into the Israel market and set up our services in Tel Aviv and we are very excited to be here.

Our story

We initially started operating in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand in late October 2006, did not take us long until we quickly rolled out into other regions throughout New Zealand .Through our extensive network of qualified contacts we have become the largest operating Nanny & Babysitting Agency throughout the country. A few years later 2009, we offered our first franchise opportunity and within the first 5 months we sold 5 regions and within two years completely selling all 26 regions. Another year followed and we launched into Australia – with our expansion into Australia – we have become the largest Australasian Nanny & Babysitting agency. In November 2012 we launched into the European market and set up our services in Switzerland and late 2013 in the United Kingdom

Daniela Dahan – Country Master Franchisor

Daniela grew up in Switzerland and moved to Israel in 2012 with her husband and their little daughter.

In Israel, Daniela had the challenge, as many parents have, to find the right childcare for her daughter. As a new immigrant this task was even more challenging and difficult. This experience inspired Daniela to set up a real, professional and easy to access childcare network in Israel.

In her vision such a network supports parents in finding the best balance between family, career and social life by providing the right childcare solutions. Building up the Rockmybaby Franchise in Israel seemed the suitable answer for this quest.

Daniela is a experienced Speech and Language Therapist. She’s very determined that RMB Israel becomes a professional and educational platform for Babysitting and Childcare Services.

If you are interested in any Franchise opportunities within the Israel please contact Daniela directly.

To find out more about nanny services in Israel – click here

Phone +972 54 534 28 31

Email our Israel Office


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